Facebook direct license – Artists have till March 12 to opt in

Facebook direct license – Artists have till March 12 to opt in

Enter the Facebook direct license.

Artists can now get paid for their music on Facebook, Instagram and Oculus. There is one issue that always comes up; copyright and the authorization of distribution, which is often blurred in the binary web that is the internet.
Naturally Facebook users share songs without said copyright, leading to a swift removal-which is what
the social media giant aims to prevent.

Last year we reported how Facebook was offering millions for music rights, striking deals with record labels in order to form a musical symbiotic ecosystem.

It seems as though they are further along in negotiations as they have now signed deals with labels including the Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV, GMR and Kobalt.

Copyright about now

Independent artists need not fret as Facebook signed a landmark deal with SESAc’s HFA/Rumblefish, giving publishers the opportunity to enter a direct licensing with the platform.

Here are the steps to enter into a direct licensing agreement with Facebook as shared by TuneRegistry.

Step 1:

Set up an online account with HFA and simply log in. This allows you to apply for Facebook publishing
royalties as access to royalties from other platforms like Spotify, Apple, The Orchard and others.

Step 2:

View the Facebook agreement and opt in. 

Step 3:

You now have a direct license between Facebook and yourself/company.

Step 4: Add songs to your catalog, for example TuneRegister.

Step 5:

Add your HFA publisher number to the publisher contact record in your TuneRegistry account.

Step 6:

Register your songs, including co-writers, publishers and splits at the registration module of
TuneRegistry. This will register all your songs with HFA, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc. Now you can get royalties from Facebook’s direct license, Instagram and Oculus!