Vitual Record Label

CEO ADRIAN can be hired to manage and staff your own, highly customizable, virtual record label.
At most traditional record labels, those assigned to marketing specific artists were referred to “Product Managers” or “Project Managers.” Product Managers wrote and executed the marketing plans for the artists and made sure that every team member was kept up to date with the latest information to ensure maximum efficiency.
In similar fashion, Ceo Adrian acts as “Air Traffic Control” or “Quarterback,” identifying, recommending and engaging the most efficient and cost-effective partners in ‘vertical’ categories, such as digital and physical distribution, publicity, radio and video promotion, social media and online services, booking agents, touring and sponsorships, all the while protecting the artist’s creative vision.
These services can include but are not limited to:
  • Staffing your virtual record label
  • Creating and executing your marketing plan
  • Ensuring consistent imaging and marketing tools – Website, photos, videos, EPKs, etc.
  • Seeking out worthwhile performance appearances
  • Finding the correct distribution partner for your release
  • Developing strategic marketing partnerships with brands and their agencies
  • Organizing and scheduling all social media outreach
I will leverage my professional and personal contacts among artists, managers, music supervisors, and major media outlets to gain exposure and maximize every artist’s potential!